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23 February 2007 @ 06:01 pm
running it back.  
I despise cheesy journal chain mail stuff/survey postings. But I did this a while back and thought it was awesome.

I've put my entire iTunes libary (modified laptop library of music I decided I needed) on shuffle. I'll post the first line of as many songs with which I can entertain myself. You comment and guess. If you're right, I'll line out the song. Word up.

  1. Let me sing a song for you that's never been sung before
  2. The thunder and lightening gave voice to the night
  3. Losering
  4. I wanna be your kingpin
  5. The bar lights and the liquor and the way all the bottles they shine
  6. Southern trees bear strange fruit
  7. I want to live life and never be cruel
  8. Everybody wants you to be special and everybody wants you to be high
  9. I was wasted in the afternoon waiting on a train
  10. I fell in love again, all things go, all things go
  11. The cash machine is blue and green
  12. Don't expect so much at all if the test does beckon me
  13. Oh baby don't you do it, don't do it babe
  14. Well I thought about the army
  15. I took the cannonball down to the ocean
  16. Mary Anne you're better than the world
  17. Take the way home leads back by Sullivan Street
  18. We can not work out what has to be said
  19. Been thinking about you, your record's a hit
  20. I ain't lookin' to compete with you
  21. How kind of you to think of me when I was out of sorts
  22. Go and get the gun, 'cause it's only getting worse
  23. I'm out here a thousand miles from my home
  24. Theres a big red sky over you and I and its coming and were pumping over the ground
  25. They say everything can be replaced, yet every distance is not near
  26. Who will love a little Sparrow?
  27. Three hours from sundown Jeremy flies hoping to keep up
  28. Laura lays on the foot of the bed, mimics a noose with a telephone cord
  29. When I look in the mirror, can't believe what I see
  30. Hey, don't take your life away, I think you'd rather stay
  31. I remember it well - the first time that I saw your head round the door
  32. With both eyes closed I blew out his window
  33. She says wake up, it's no use pretending
  34. Took a walk with you in the shadow of my shoes
  35. I know that you're in there, I can see you.
  36. Dirty old river, must you keep rolling, Flowing into the night
  37. Well I can't regret, can't you just forget it?
  38. His goal in life was to be an echo
  39. When you were young you were the king of carrot flowers
  40. I've been waiting for so long for someone to mend all the blame
  41. The seasons they are turning and my sad heart is yearnin'

Sadly, not a lot of variety in my laptop library right now since I'm abroad and have about half the full collection. Also a lot of songs with the titles in the first line. Lame.

Whatev. Go at it.

I decided against this. I'm bored. And tired. Yet have 2 essays due next week 12 pages each. I'm not stressed out, just easily distracted.

For the record, yes Carlee, you got your two right.

state of mind: tiredtired
music: "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" by Bob Dylan
Kevindxme on February 28th, 2007 10:33 pm (UTC)
good call.

i had/have 2 huge papers due this week and i hadn't started them when i posted this, as a matter of fact it was a post of procrastination.

in a moment of brilliant studiousness, i decided against this post because i knew it would occupy time i didn't want to give it.